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Enjoy and linving landscape arte y paisaje together

Without moving away from PACA we have different proposals we would like to share with you: ART WORKSHOPS for adults, families and childrens and also AGRO-CULTURE ACTIVITIES in order to have an inmersive landscape experience in Asturias, related to agriculture seasons and home made products from our orchard.

Language: spanish, italian and english.

Art workshops, walk-scapes and bread workshop are open all the year.

For other agroculture activities check season availability. 


Living Landscape  



5 hours workshop.Together we will prepare our homemade breads, kneaded and baked in our oven with capacity for 15 loaves.  

COST: 35 euro/person. Groups of min. 4 people: 25 euro/person.


AVAILABILITY: OCTOBER-NOVEMBER …if the weather is mild and it doesn’t rain!

5 hours workshop

COST: 35 euro/person. kids under 7 free.




Language: spanish, english, italian.

COST: 18 euro/person. Kids under 7 free. Groups of min. 4 people: 12 euros/person.


5 hours workshop: Together we will prepare our homemade bread, kneaded, yeast with preferments and baked in our oven with capacity for 15 loaves.

During the time of natural levitation we will explain the construction technique of our oven carried out during some bio-construction workshops in 2016 (video projection and plans), which is made with adobe bricks made by ourselves. So if you are interested in building your own adobe oven , you will have the first basic notions (construction times, plans, necessary materials) to be able to start the adventure, or at least you will see that it is possible to do it!

fee: 35 euro/person (minimun 2 persons) Groups of 4 people: 25 euro/person. kids under 7 free.

The price includes all ingredientes (bio-flour, water and wood for the fire), didactic material and the breads that you make yourself, you take home or eat during your holidays at PACA.

Homemade Apple juice and cider & brunch  

PACA owns one hectare of land with apple trees («pomarada») and every year in our «llagar» we make cider, a traditional Asturian drink. During the workshop, we will share the whole process: apple picking, washing, apple pressing and finally we will taste the sweet apple juice fresh from the press.  

Los Llagares are the places where cider is made, and the «pomaradas» are the farms where apple plantations grow. Pomaradas and llagares one of the most characteristic manifestations of Asturian culture and landscape. So this is an oportunity to experience and discover the world of cider from the inside of daily life in the farmhouse.

fee: 35 euro/person. kids under 7 free. minimum 2 persons.

The price includes taste and brunch with typical products and traditional cider and one bottle  of fresh apple juice to bring home.  


Walking is the best way to understand and appreciate the landscapes we pass through. Being in PACA, a traditional Asturian farm house also means understanding its context: the past and its traces in the present.

An informal walking tour lasting about two hours in which we will FOCUS ON unique elements of the landscape, the ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE of traditional Asturias and the INTANGIBLE CULTURE that it contains: a large number of «HÓRREOS» and «PANERAS» (iconic granaries built in wood and raised from the ground by wooden or stone pillars), fountains and community laundries that we find in the surroundings of PACA, cattle farms, orchards but also the effects of industrialization in this clearly rural-urban area. The intention is an informal approach to the Asturian traditional agrarian landscape and its future evolution.

Nearby (15 min. walking from PACA) is the Villa Romana de Veranes museum, a site-museum that we recommend to visit. In Gijón we also recommend Pueblo de Asturias etnographic Musum.  

At the end of the walk, inside PACA’s «panera»  will be a DOCUMENTARUY SCREENING related to the topics discussed during the walk.

FEE: 18 euro/person. Kids under 7 free. FOR Groups of +4 people: 12 euros/person.


Depending of the time you will remain with us, you may be interested in some of our art courses and workshops. We have planned some of them as an «art taste» for you (just for the pleasure to try, learn and enjoy with arts) and others are organized in 12 or 24 hours cyclus in order to learn in deep or improve skills in different art techniques.


We will work with different artistic disciplines (drawing, painting, collage, stamping, installation, land-art, sculpture, sound …) to address topics that concern us all in a subtle and entertaining way. Whenever possible, activities in the open air and in contact with nature are encouraged, also by using raw and natural materials from our orchard.

2 hours session: 15 euro /person


CYANOTYPE WORKSHOP : a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print. Beautiful floral blue prints!

3 hours workshop: 60 euro/person 

GUM BICHROMATE WORKSHOP: a 19th-century photographic printing process. It is capable of rendering painterly images from photographic negatives we have at our studio!

3 hours workhop: 60 euro/person


DRAWING: introduction to various techniques and materials: types of paper, pencils, charcoal, pastels, graphite, watercolor pencils, ink … to offer a wide range of technical possibilities that can be used in the development of personal projects. 

12 HOURS WORKSHOP: 120 euro

24 HOURS WORKSHOP: 240 euro (1 week)

PAINTING: we recommend a 24 hours course. For further information just contact us OR CHECK HERE:


The workshop proposes a practical approach to the technique of fresco mural painting, history, materials and demo with participants.

3 HOURS demo-workshop: 50 euro


12 HOURS workshop (min. 2 days): 140 euro

Participants make their own fresco on a lateric support of about 20 × 30 cm, the work will remain their property. All materials included.


The workshop proposes a practical approach to the technique of «trompe l’oeil» and decorative mural painting in italian style.

6 HOURS workshop: 70 euro

 Imitation of materials: marble, wood, stone, festoons, cornices, boisseries and representation of other architectural elements. Participants make their own painting (about 20 × 30 cm), the work will remain their property.

24 HOURS workshop: 280 euro (min. 4 days)  

Working on a personal trompel’oeil project 100×70 cm aprox. Imitation of materials + preparation of the support, transport systems from the drawing to the wall surface. Study of perspective, lights and shadows. Theory of color.


Realization of a painting on wood support (20 x 30 cm) following the traditional technique described by Cennino Cennini (sec. XIII) in his treatise «Il libro dell’arte», in all its phases of execution.

12 HOURS workshop: 150 euro

The work will remain your property. All materials included.


Introduction to different traditional gilding techniques: application of golden leaf on wood first coated with gesso, and burnishing with agate stone tool. Decorative uses in painting, frames, furniture. Types of finishes and varnishes.

8 HOURS WORKSHOP: 140 euro. Materials included. Participants bring home pieces made by them.


Letterpress printing workshop. In our studio at PACA we ahave a letterpress (test remover) and a TS press 600x1000mm plate, inks, some wood and lead types. With your hands and imagination you will create and print your own POSTER Manifesto (mix inks, set text and create some imagine).

3 HOURS WORKSHOP: 45 euro. Materials included. Bring your unique poster 20×30 cm home!


Working space / Studio of 80 mq with access to PACA equipments:

Internet Connection, computer, HP print and scanner, Tascam digital recorder and microphones, Arteina T600 TS press (Characteristics: 5mm 600x1000mm plate. Rocker bearings. Upper roller diameter of 120mm. Pressure clamp system), proofing press for letterpress printing, painting and generic tools , sink, work desk, video-projector, tripod, small dark room for analogical photography (photographic enlarger, no chemicals provided).

PACA (Proyectos Artísticos Casa Antonino)

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Asturias. SPAIN. 

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